Hightlights of Conferences & Seminars 2011:

Harry Potter Showcase – Nicholas Aithadi, Suresh Hari, Jigesh Gajjar

Tracing Back the pixels – VFX – Yunus Bukhari, Prashant Nair

Feature Showcase of Yogi Bear – Jateen Thakkar, Sesha Prasad

The Art of Rotoscopy & its Careers – Rajdeep, Clark Harding(technicolor)

Tracing Back the pixels – Animation – E Suresh, Vaibhav Kumaresh, Siju Thomas

Making of Robot – Srinivas Mohan

Anatomy of a Hit TV Content

Education Panel session : Myth or reality ? 100 % Job placements

Animation perspectives by DreamWorks Dedicated Unit @ Technicolor

Presentation by Passion Pictures  – Hugo Sands

The Pixels of CGTEXPO 2011 memories…part 1

The Pixels of CGTEXPO 2011 memories…part 2

CGTExpo 2011 – A Glimpse !

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  • Anusha says:
    (October 29, 2012 at 9:06 pm)

    Can I plz know wen is the next seminar conducted and where

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